JenRam International

Delicious Banana Export Company

We are international Fruit exporting and growers company established in August  2011. We are Located in the center of Mindanao. One of the three major islands of he Philippines.

Mindanao is well known for its wide array of fruits varieties. Especially in the regions of Davao del Norte, Davao Del Sur and Bukidnon. This fact, positions the company at the right place to produce pure export Quality Bananas and Pineapple .

The Company is run by  professionals Quality Inspector style of management and quality standards. These standards are then translated into an excellent working environment where the employees are highly motivated to excel in every task they do. This culture of quality then results to the production of nothing but only the finest products into the market.

We have specialized in our export primarily on Cavendish Bananas well as  Golden fresh Pineapple and send them to Middle East, Asia and Europe.

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