JenRam International Delicious Banana Export Co. – a successful story

In August 2011 Mr. Abu Hamiadan study hard for Exporter had the idea to take part in the fruits export business. He wanted to send bananas and pineapple outside the Philippines. Mainly to countries in Middle East, China and Japan.

Under the company name JenRam International Delicious Banana Export Company. We are get contract with government of Jordan for bananas export. The company started to ship bananas to the middle East. Highly satisfied customers enjoyed our bananas and our brand become well-known in Jordan and Saudi and Iran.” Princess Lobna “become the company’s flagship brand.

The realization of this company started when the executive of the mother company based in Davao City, JenRAm International Delicious Banana Export Company, has decided to put farms and Corp company in Bukdinon.

This intention is deeply rooted on the purpose of developing owned farm to establish permanent supply of Fresh Cavendish Banana, defying the competition of getting the supply from the growers. Fortunately, the company has met this goal considering the two hundred Fifty hectares of plantation recently develop in Magsaysay Bukidnon. It is also Manage by people we hired who came from reputable companies Like Dole, Delmonte and Lapanday. We were able to top their expertise in banana plantation considering their vast knowledge for several years that they engaged in this business.

In this way, we can supply the best quality of banana and pineapple to satisfy the needs and expectation of our beloved customers whom we consider our business partners in this endeavor. We may be dignified to supply them not only providing enough quantity but most especially good quality banana and pineapple to make our brands competitive in the market .